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My name is Carrie Sumner, founder and owner of Residential Reboot. I am committed to creating beautiful, efficient spaces for my clients. I dedicate myself to surpassing my clients' expectations in every way. I love helping others bring a sense of peace to their space, as well as helping them find places to donate unneeded things that can be of value to others.

My Story

I was in education for 21 years, and always had an attention to detail that others noticed. Being a visual person, I started out with creating an organized classroom that flowed nicely and brought peace to myself and my students. It eventually flowed over into my home. I started organizing my three childrens' belongings, and then it quickly carried over into the kitchen, pantry, and garage. When I decided to hang up my teaching experience to chase my dream of starting my own business, I went all in...and here I am!


We proudly service Galveston County, as well as south Harris County. We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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