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How it Works

What can you expect from our home organization or home staging services? Below is our simple, step-by-step process, which we will design especially to meet your needs.

1. Book a consultation.

We offer a free initial consultation. During this consultation session, we will fully assess the situation, and recommend an approximate time estimate and a plan of action. We will likely shoot a video of the area that we will be working on, as well as ask you questions about what your desire is for the ideal outcome of your project. The consultation can be done in person or via Zoom.

2. We'll plan and prepare.

Based on what we can see your needs might be, we can provide you with a product recommendation shopping list. This might be storage bins, cleaning products, etc. We also welcome the use of any products you may already have in your home that can be used or repurposed for the project. If you choose to have us purchase all necessary supplies, the cost will be included in your final invoice and due at the completion of your project. If you prefer to shop for your own products, that is also an option.

3. Schedule your service.

Once we have all needed products for your project, we will schedule your session.

4. Transform your space.

We will work WITH you or FOR you, based on your desired preference. Some clients are very busy and don't have time to spare. Some clients, however, prefer to stay with us to watch and learn. The choice is always yours.

We will create a system to help you stay that works with your lifestyle and that of your family members. This gives you the best chance of maintaining your transformed space going forward.

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