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Reboot Your Residence with Carrie

Welcome to my blog! Let me introduce myself. I'm Carrie. Former teacher. Current wife and mom (human and canine alike). After 21 years in education, I decided to ditch my nine to five (or if I'm being honest, it was more like seven to seven) and go out on a limb to fulfill my dream of owning my own business.

So, the question became..."What type of business did I want to start?" Well, organizing was an easy choice for me. For me, having an organized space made all the difference in my classroom that I spent so many hours in over the years that I taught. And once I slowly started organizing spaces at home, it turned out to have the SAME calming effect on me there as well.

There was something therapeutic about decluttering and organizing a space. It gave me a sense of control and accomplishment that eased any stress I had (which as a teacher, was quite a bit). So, if it had this much of a positive impact on me, I thought, "Why not help others reap the same benefits?" And...after a brainstorming session with my husband at the dining room table one evening, the name Residential Reboot was born.

And I've been helping others get that SAME calming feeling in their own space ever since...whether it be at their home residence or at their business "residence." If you've never experienced for yourself how an organized space can affect your mood, then I CAN'T WAIT to help you achieve it! I truly LOVE helping and serving others, and blogging about organization ideas and tips is just another way that I hope to be able to do that!

So...who's ready for a fresh start to an organized life?! Comment below and let me know the area you're most needing help with organizing, and let's Reboot Your Residence together!

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